Slovenian self-catering Chalet.

The weather is Alpine Mediterranean.
It is on same latitude as Venice, only 3hours away!
It gets cold in winter, often snowing. In summer it gets hot! Med Hot!

However the Chalet is on higher ground, around 800m above sea level.
It is cooler here because of this, and being in trees and with the streams also helps.

We can provide a portable air conditioner for when it gets very hot.
The chalet has full oil central heating, so is warm and snug in winter.
2017-08-17 31°C
2017-08-18 32°C
2017-08-19 28°C
2017-08-20 24°C
2017-08-21 27°C

Alternative weather site

follow this link to the BBC weather site for long term trends and average temperature details.